Moçâmedes – The governor of sout-west Namibe province, Archer Mangueira, today, Thursday, requested the collaboration of civil society in combating the plague of locusts that is affecting the province, with technical and human means.

Speaking at a meeting with municipal administrators, farmers and members of civil society, which served to address the issue, he said that communities should help in the rapid identification of hotspots for immediate combat.

He asked civil society to collaborate in the acquisition of sprayers, fumigation vans and volunteers to help the teams on the ground.

“If we are not effective in this fight, we are going to live a situation of widespread hunger,” the governor warned, looking at the trail of destruction left by the locusts in the fields of farming families.

Despite recognising the good collaboration of community agents and traditional authorities, he considered it was still not enough to contain the insects.

The plague of locusts is affecting the municipalities of Moçâmedes, Bibala, Tômbwa and Virei, the latter being the most critical, where the insects have already devastated five hectares of farmland.

In Moçâmedes 42 devastated fields were counted so far.

Source: Angola Press News Agency