Menongue – The governor of Cuando Cubango, Júlio Bessa, on Tuesday reiterated the close fight against illegal exploitation of wood, anarchic burning and poaching, as they are practices that violate the legislation in force in the country.

The governor, who was speaking on the sidelines of an event marking the 42nd anniversary of the creation of the Interior Ministry, said that the government had recently seen an intensification of mussivi wood cutting, but that from now on it would be tough and implacable in the fight against this and other illegal actions.

The combat will be carried out based on the law 6/17 of 24 January (Forest and Wildlife Basic Law), on the Presidential Decree 171/18, of 23 July (Forestry Regulation) and on the Presidential Decree 278/18, of 07 August (Decree that prohibits the cutting of mussivi wood).

Júlio Bessa warned the National Police and other competent bodies to continue to do their work with rigour, reminding that in case of seized wood, it will be used and incorporated in the execution process of the PIIM works.

He exhorted the civil society, the youth and the media to help the National Police and the Defence and Intelligence bodies to sensitise and mobilise the peasant families and respective communities and their leaders, to refrain from burning, since it is a propitious time of the year for this practice, which damages the soil and the environment.

Source: Angola Press News Agency