Luanda – Angolan Government started Thursday to formally deliver the first death certificates to the families of victims of the armed conflicts, whose symbolic process included three relatives of those killed on May 27, 1977.

The process started Thursday (27) in Luanda province, marked by a ceremony under the motto “Embrace and Forgive”.

The initiative is part of the programme of the Commission for Reconciliation in Memory of Victims of Political Conflicts, occurred between 1975 and 2002.

It will cover whole country, free of charge.

The Angolan authorities admit that the process will also cover the citizens killed in other political conflicts happened in the last 44 years.

However, the President of the Republic, João Lourenço, publicly presented on Wednesday (26) a public apology and forgiveness to the Nation, for the events of May 27, 1977, which led to summary execution of indeterminate number of Angolans.

On the occasion, the president announced that the Executive will, in the next few days, begin the process of locating the remains of the victims of the 27th of May, 1977, for their exhumation and delivery to their families.

The list of the remains (bones) to be located include the names of Alves Bernardo Baptista (Nito Alves), Jacob João Caetano ( Monstro Imortal), Ernesto Eduardo Gomes da Silva (Bakalof), Sita Maria Dias Valles (Sita Valles), José Jacinto da Silva Vieira Dias Van-Dúnem (Zé Van-Dúnem), António Urbano de Castro (Urbano de Castro), David Gabriel José Ferreira (David Zé).

It includes the names of Artur de Jesus Nunes (Artur Nunes), Pedro Fortunato, Arsenio José Lourenço Mesquita (Sianuk), António Lourenço Galiano da Silva, Domingos Ferreira de Barros (Sabata), as well as the ex-soldiers of the 9th Brigade , from the Female Detachment and then DISA.

This process also includes the delivery to the respective families of the bones of Jeremias Kalandula Chitunda, Elias Salupeto Pena and Adolosi Paulo Mango Alicerces, who were listed in combat in the post-election conflict of 1992, in Luanda.

The Head of State asked everyone to show sensitivity for those cases in which it is not possible to achieve this objective (location of remains).

Source: Angola Press News Agency