Luanda – The discussion of a Proposal for the Recovery of School Retardment in Regular Education is one of the themes in focus at the III Consultative Council of the Ministry of Education, which is being held under the slogan “Teachers leading and promoting changes in times of crisis”.

According to the Minister of Education, LuĂ­sa Grilo, when opening the event, the idea is to find strategies and measures that lead to the recovery of lost learning time, while schools were closed, perhaps in a shorter school term, in order to correct the age/class gap and the flow of students in the school circuit, one of the consequences of Covid-19.

The program should not be confused with the Youth and Adult Education Plan, also of relevant importance, but which serves young people from 15 years who have not had access to education at the right age and time, and / or for various reasons have abandoned school.

She also highlighted attention for reflection on the “National Reading Plan”, which aims to facilitate access to bibliographic consultation, promoting the enjoyment and habit of reading and writing among students and the school community in general.

“We know the importance of reading for school children, since the deficit or lack of it interferes with learning by posing difficulties in the understanding and comprehension of the various subjects of the curriculum,” she stressed.

Source: Angola Press News Agency