Luanda – Minister of Telecommunications, Information Technology and Media Manuel Homem said Saturday that the implementation of the professional qualification programme of the Media companies was underway, as part of the Executive’s strategies to improve the working and social conditions of the class.

The official was speaking at the opening of the VI Ordinary Congress of the Union of Angolan Journalists (SJA), stating that the Executive is committed to ensure decent conditions for the exercise of the profession available to journalists.

Manuel Homem also announced the Executive’s permanent support for the Portfolio and Ethics Committee in the process of issuing professional cards, as well as initiating and expanding the training offer, aimed at improving the performance of the companies and journalists, endowing them with more and better skills.

The minister explained that, by consensus, they provided support for SJA for addressing and implementing the issues of interest to the class and media companies, as well as promoting, in an inclusive way, the revision of the legislative package for media in order to make it up-to-date, active and better aligned with the reality of the country.

To this purpose, the official reiterated his commitment to dialogue and collaborate with SJA to improve the working and social conditions of the class, with the implementation of a programme to strengthen the relationship with the journalistic class, guided by a permanent dialogue with the distant professional associations.

He listed some principles that positively contribute to the positive performance of class associations.

They are voluntary membership, autonomy and independence of associations, management based on democracy, the need to inform, educate and train members permanently and rigorously, permanent interaction between members, the association’s relationship and collaboration with the public authorities, the economic participation of its members.

As for the congress, he said it was an opportunity to reinforce and expand the relationship with the media companies, anticipating deliberations capable of correcting evils that hinder the deserving journalistic activity of good rigor, exemption and responsibility.

He is of the view that the event demonstrates the commitment, unity, cohesion, harmony of the members of the Angolan Journalists Union, wishing success to the new leadership to be elected, and expressing his willingness to make the class strong and intervening in solving class problems and defence of citizenship, sovereignty, freedom of expression and peaceful coexistence among Angolans.

The VI Ordinary Congress of the Union of Angolan Journalists aims to renew the mandate of its governing bodies, to promote discussion and reflection on issues that concern the class and state and private companies.

Source: Angola Press News Agency