Luanda – Angola’s ruling MPLA party has appealed to the organisers of the protests to always observe the principles of democracy that allow the achievement of power.

The appeal was launched by the first secretary of MPLA in Luanda, Bento Bento, while addressing a rally to praise the party’s leader, João Lourenço on Saturday.

He also appealed to the activists to put aside the destabilisation campaigns intended to destroy MPLA and instigate violence, in violation of the Constitution.

Pointing to various groups, attempting to create mayhem by staging protest aimed at forcing the president of the ruling MPLA party to leave power, Bento Bento recalled that there are democratic ways that allow anyone to reach the leadership of the country, saying that one of these means is through elections.

According to the politician, this kind of demonstration is a genuine violation of the country’s Constitution.

He reiterated the commitment of the party’s militants to stand with their leader, in what the politician believes that the MPLA continues united toward the victory in 2022.

After reiterating the support for the ongoing reforms, aimed at fighting against corruption, nepotism, Bento Bento mentioned the upcoming challenges that include the national reconciliation, development, reduction of the commodity prices and the construction of more schools and hospitals.

The event took place in nine municipalities of Luanda and marked by cultural activities and encouraging speeches on the policies launched by the Executive focused on combat the corruption.

Source: Angola Press News Agency