Luanda – The ruling MPLA party’s vice president, Luísa Damião, said this Tuesday, in Luanda, that the consolidation of peace, forgiveness, national reconciliation and the deepening of democracy are essential pillars for promoting the well-being of Angolans.

The MPLA leader, who was speaking at the Summit of the Leaders of the Communist Party of China (PCC) and World Parties, said the political party she represents is promoting these values, with a view to progress and sustainable development in Angola.

The Chinese President, Xi Ji Ping opened the Summit held on video conference, with the theme “For the well-being of the people: the responsibility of political parties”.

Luísa Damião explained that the MPLA works based on five-year plans, transformed into governance programs, subject to universal suffrage every five years.

She said that, her party is open to deepening international cooperation with friendly parties.

She also pointed out the existence of a business environment in Angola, favorable to foreign investment, with a view to supporting the country in leveraging its economy and generating jobs.

She recognized that public and social policies must be centered on people’s well-being.

“The well-being of the people is the supreme purpose of the governing action of political parties and requires a rigorous and transparent management of existing resources”, she said.

She recalled that, since 2017, Angola has conducted a major fight against corruption, impunity and nepotism, as well as stepped up reforms in various areas, with emphasis on justice and economy.

She also said that the changes to the country’s economic structure, currently dependent on crude-oil, are aimed at diversifying the economy and relying on the indispensable support of national and foreign investors.

Over 500 leaders of political parties and organizations are taking part in the event, and the MPLA vice president was one of the 21 invited to speak.

Source: Angola Press News Agency