Caxito – The Minister of Public Works and Territory Planning, Manuel Tavares de Almeida, announced this Thursday in Caxito that the works on Caiengue/Onzo/Muxaluando road, in Nambuangongo municipality (Bengo), will resume soon.

Speaking to the press at the end of the President of the Republic’s meeting with the Bengo provincial government, he said that João Lourenço had authorised resources to “immediately resume” the work.

Tavares de Almeida stressed that in the near future there would be moves towards the conclusion of the 38.5 km of road.

The project, which has been paralysed for around five years, was reinserted in the 2021 State Budget (OGE).

The Caxito-Caiengue-Onzo-Muxaluando road is a fundamental axis for the flow of agricultural and livestock products from the countryside to the city, as the municipality of Nambuangongo is potentially agricultural and one of the main producers of bananas.

The completion of the rehabilitation of that road has been the main concern of the residents of Nambuangongo and motorists who face many difficulties, especially during the rainy season.

Of the six municipalities that make up Bengo province, Nambuangongo is the only one whose municipal headquarters does not have an asphalted road.

Source: Angola Press News Agency