Ondjiva – The President of the Republic, João Lourenço, was today (Saturday) informed on the progress of the construction works of the water collection system on Cunene River, one of the four structuring projects designed by the Government to fight drought.

Estimated at 44.3 billion kwanza, the project, under construction for a year, is 33.78 per cent completed, and is expected to be concluded in February, 2022.

On explaining the course of the work to the Head of State, the director general of the National Institute for Water Resources (INRH), Manuel Quintino, said that the project was divided into two lots, the first of which included construction of the Cunene River intake, the pumping system, the pressurised pipeline, the open canal from Cafu to Cuamato and 10 chimpacas.

It involves the execution of the capture in the bed of the Cunene River, including the water intake structure, sluices, grates and other associated means, pumping station, equipped with two active pumps and a backup pump. It also includes a pressurised pipeline, with a length of 10 kilometres, amongst other equipment.

The second lot concerns the construction of two conductors, which start from the flow derivation structure of the general conductor canal, that is, the West Conductor Canal, which runs from Cuamato to Ndombondola, with a length of 55 kilometres, and the East Conductor Canal, which runs from Cuamato to Namacunde, with a length of around 53 kilometres.

It includes the concrete-lined channels and the set of complementary hydraulic works and organs, such as siphons, structure and regulation organs, water intakes/drinking fountains, service road, crossings and overpasses, as well as safety equipment for people and animals.

In Cafu, where the capture is being built, after cleaning the area, the marking and excavation of the Pumping Station, the suction chamber and water intake were made, as well as the opening of the approach channel, the foundation of the pumping station and the reinforcement of the form for the application of cleaning concrete.

Steel was also unloaded at the job site. As for the layout of the General Conductor Canal, the opening of the foundation for the implementation of the structures of the concrete plant, among other actions, has already been carried out.

Source: Angola Press News Agency