Luanda – The President of the Republic, João Lourenço, demanded Tuesday in Luanda, “radical changes” in the registry of personnel of all the National Defence and Security bodies.

Speaking at the swearing in ceremony of the new members of the Government, João Lourenço demanded from the new Minister of State and Head of the Security House of the President of the Republic, Francisco Pereira Furtado, courage and will to change “radically” the methodology of control of the security bodies in the country.

“Just like in the barracks, in parade, when you call for the soldier, the soldier responds present. One of his missions is to call for the personnel so that they all respond present”, he said.

João Lourenço reminded that all those who receive salaries from the State should necessarily be present.

“If that doesn’t happen, we can immediately conclude that we are facing a ghost staff”, he said.

Cleaning up the “ghosts

According to the Angolan Head of State, one of the tasks of the new Minister of State and Head of the Security House will be “to clean up all ghost personnel” that exist in the defence and security bodies.

According to the statesman, the latest events in Luanda show the outflow of public money from banks, in a fraudulent way, which are fattening the “crab”, in a reference to the investigation operation that made it possible to seize millions of dollars and kwanzas, as well as thousands of euros, real estate, vehicles and other goods.

Within the framework of “Operation Crab”, whose investigations are ongoing, the major of the Angolan Armed Forces (FAA), Pedro Lussati, was arrested, while several general officers, with high responsibility positions, in the Security House of the President of the Republic, were dismissed, in the last days.

In this sense, the President of the Executive Power defended the need to put an end to such harmful practices, also counting on the collaboration of the whole society.

Transparency and crime prevention

In this sense, the Angolan Head of State defended greater rigour and transparency of the bank managers in the management of the public treasury.

“The behaviour and procedures of the banks are not normal, we need to change,” warned the Head of State, who demanded stronger and more forceful action from the Central Bank and the Financial Information Unit.

The measures are not only to punish the banks but, above all, to set up a mechanism that guarantees the prevention of crime”, he stressed.


Besides Francisco Pereira Furtado, sworn in as Minister of State and Head of the Security House of the President of the Republic, João Pereira Massano was also sworn in as Head of the Military Intelligence Service.

Paulo Dinis Luvambano was also sworn in as Cabinda’s Vice-Governor for Technical Services and Infrastructure and Angelino Mungila Kissonde, as Malanje’s Vice-Governor for Technical Services and Infrastructure.

Likewise, Augusto da Silva Cunha was sworn in today, at the Presidential Palace, as Angola’s ambassador to the Russian Federation.

Source: Angola Press News Agency