Benguela – At least 6,000 jobs may be created in Benguela province, via public works projects to be carried out by the local government until December 2021, ANGOP learnt Wednesday.

The information was provided by Luís Nunes, first provincial secretary of MPLA in Benguela, during a meeting with leaders and activists of JMPLA, the ruling party’s youth organisation in Angola.

According to Luis Nunes, the projects include work on the streets of Sousa Coutinho, known as Maxi road, in Benguela, and Salvador Correia street, in Lobito, with a view to improving the circulation of people and goods on the coast.

For the municipalities in the interior, he announced the asphalting of eight kilometres of streets in Cubal and six kilometres of streets in Ganda and Balombo, respectively.

“We are also going to improve the communication routes between the municipal headquarters and the communes. We are talking about secondary and tertiary roads, as well as building other social facilities,” said the politician.

“Young people should take advantage of job opportunities in all sectors. Some only want jobs in offices, but it is necessary to reverse this trend, since the country needs technicians in various fields,” he said.

Source: Angola Press News Agency