Luanda – The Secretary of State for Mass Media, Nuno Caldas Albino, Monday in Luanda praised the role of Angolan journalists for their contribution and engagement in the consolidation of the motherland.

According to the government official, who was speaking at the opening of the 1st National Defence Course for media professionals, Angolan journalists, since independence, have promoted harmony, family reunification and the reconciliation process, among others.

He recalled that media professionals have always taken the role of vanguard and fighters in the production of news with patriotic content and awareness for the defence of the homeland.

“Journalists have been forged in the battlefields throughout the country’s history and have contributed to the transmission of positive messages of hope and confidence on behalf of the nation,” he argued.

He referred that, in the current context, the mass media cannot be exempt from the new paradigm aimed at fighting corruption, moralising society and rescuing moral and ethical values.

For Nuno Albino, the concept of national defence is not a merely military expression, it should be in the conscience of all citizens committed to nation building, preservation of peace, stability and the great achievements of the Angolan people.

Source: Angola Press News Agency