Thousands of Websites Go Down in Global Outage

Thousands of websites around the world were unreachable Thursday in what appears to have been a problem with a widely used content distribution network.

Akamai, said on its website that it was experiencing “an emerging issue with its Edge DNS service.” Later, the company said the issues had been resolved.

“We have implemented a fix for this issue, and based on current observations, the service is resuming normal operations,” Akamai tweeted. “We will continue to monitor to ensure that the impact has been fully mitigated.”

DNS, or Domain Name System, is a directory that links domain names with machine readable internet protocol addresses.

Some of the larger websites impacted included Delta Air Lines, British Airways, Capital One, GoDaddy, Vanguard, UPS, LastPass, AT&T and Costco.

Some services were already starting to return as Delta reported its online services were back up, according to CNBC.

What caused the outage remains unknown.

Source: Voice of America