Saurimo – The provincial Commission for Rapid Response to Covid-19 in Lunda Sul will send to Luanda, within days, samples collected randomly to confirm the probable variants of the virus that predominates in the region, given the growing number of positive cases and deaths.

Viegas de Almeida, deputy coordinator of the provincial commission for rapid response to the pandemic in the region, told Angop on Monday that the epidemiological situation was critical, judging by the growing number of positive cases and deaths recorded in recent weeks.

Without giving the number of samples, Mr. Almeida said the commission suspected that some variant of the disease was circulating in Lunda Sul, given the drastic changes in the clinical situation of patients with Covid-19 that arrive at health units, as well as their aggressiveness.

He alerted the population to change their behaviour, however, as a result of disobedience the cases are constantly increasing and the situation may get out of control of the health authorities.


Source: Angola Press News Agency


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