Luanda – At least seventy-one new buses to boost the fleet of public and private transport operators were delivered Monday to the Government of Luanda Province (GPL) by the Transport Ministry, with a view to responding to mobility in the Angolan capital.

The vehicles acquired by the Angolan government, via the Ministry of Transport, were delivered as part of the programme to boost urban passenger transport.

With capacity to carry 30 seated passengers and 29 standing passengers, the buses have a system for the boarding and disembarkation of disabled people, their accommodation and are equipped with video surveillance cameras for full control of the vehicle.

During the handover, which was attended by the Minister of Transport, Ricardo D’Abreu and by Luanda governor Ana Paula de Carvalho, the GPL Operational Control Centre and the launch of the public transport ticketing system was also presented.

The ticketing system is an electronic service that, via video surveillance, will make it possible to control the operational fleet, visualise and monitor all the buses in circulation in real time on the routes operated by each operator, as well as carry out some communication with the driver.

The ticketing, in a first phase, will serve to monitor how many passengers boarded, by day and month, as well as the control of revenues collected. Before it was not possible to measure the number of passengers carried nor the revenues, because it was done in a face to face way.



Source: Angola Press News Agency

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