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President of Republic meets with Finance Minister and Social Affairs Minister

Tunis: President of the Republic, Kais Saied, had a meeting Tuesday, at Carthage Palace, with Finance Minister, Sihem Nemsia, and Social Affairs Minister, Kamel Madouri.

The meeting focused on the joint decision made by the two government members on increasing the financial grant to poor categories from 180 dinars to 240 dinars per month, reads a statement of the Presidency of the Republic.

This increase will apply to approximately 310,000 beneficiaries of a minimum allowance, starting in July.

The Head of State pointed out that «the decision was made because of the current circumstances in the country,» adding that «Tunisia’s future policy must cut all ties with the past. It must rely on the State’s own resources, a fair tax policy and an equitable social security system.»

During the meeting with the two ministers, the Head of State criticized the subcontracting system used in the public and private sectors, describing it as «inhumane and can only be dealt with radically.»

«Legislation will be enacted t
o protect these workers against exploitation. Their rights must be respected,» he asserted.

The meeting also shed light on the issue of fixed-term contracts «which ensure neither justice nor stability,» the same source said, stressing the need «to provide urgent solutions for construction site workers who are also facing an inhumane situation.»

Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse