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Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs meets international cooperation officials from different ministries

Tunis: Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Migration, and Tunisians Abroad Mounir Ben Rejiba, Tuesday, had a meeting, at the ministry headquarters, with officials from various ministries.

This meeting is part of implementing the foreign policy defined by President Kais Saied, according to a statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

It is part of the preparations ahead of the Conference of Permanent Diplomatic and Consular Missions of Tunisia abroad, scheduled for July 31 in Tunis.

During the meeting, the Secretary of State emphasised the Ministry’s commitment to cooperation between its services and international cooperation structures within other ministries.

He underscored the department’s dedication to acting in accordance with the principles of Tunisian foreign policy and respecting national sovereignty.

At the end of the meeting, participants recommended organising regular meetings between Ministry of Foreign Affairs officials and international cooperation service leaders, as well as holdin
g training sessions at the International Diplomatic Academy in Tunis.

Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse