Six First Place Winners Selected from Thousands of Global Photo Submissions Surrounding 2022 Theme Revitalization: Collective Action for the Ocean

New York, New York, June 08, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The winners of the ninth annual United Nations World Oceans Day Photo Competition were announced today during the United Nations World Oceans Day (UNWOD) 2022 event at the UN Headquarters in New York. The free competition, which launched this past March, explored the six thematic categories linked to the overarching 2022 World Oceans day theme: “Revitalization: Collective Action for the Ocean.” World-renowned judges including wildlife photographer Rathika Ramasamy, Conservation Photojournalist & Marine Biologist Sirachai Arunrugstichai, and Underwater Photographer Y. Zin Kim, selected first, second, and third place winners for the categories: Above Water Seascapes, Underwater Seascapes, Revitalization, Coastal Communities, Ocean Critters, and Nature-Based Solutions & Ocean Exploration. Winners were selected from the thousands of global entries made by both amateur and professional photographers. The United Nations World Oceans Day event and the Photo Competition are hosted by the United Nations Division for Ocean Affairs and the Law of the Sea, produced with the contribution of Oceanic Global and made possible by La Mer. The annual competition is curated by Ellen Cuylaerts, and coordinated with DivePhotoGuide (DPG) and the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO.

Winning Photos Per Category & Corresponding Captions Can be Viewed Here.

* All photos must include the caption with photographer credit listed per photo, as well as to be published.

The 2022 winning photographers hail from over 12 different countries. Their names include: Cao Nguyen Vu, Christophe Mason-Parker (Above Water Seascapes), Damir Zurub, Nat Sumanatemeya, Nicolas Hahn (Underwater Seascapes), Rick Morris, Nuno Vasco Rodrigues, Aunk Horwang (Revitalization), Celia Kujala, Amitava Chandra, Supachai Veerayutthanon, (Coastal Communities), Gaby Barathieu, Jennifer Johnson, Viktor Lyagushkin (Ocean Critters), Tom Vierus, Giacomo d’Orlando (Nature-Based Solutions & Ocean Exploration). All participants signed a Charter of 14 commitments regarding ethics in photography.

The United Nations World Oceans Day Photo Competition is an ongoing tradition that calls on photographers and artists from around the world to communicate the beauty of the ocean and the importance of the respective UNWOD themes each year. Winning photos from past years can additionally be seen at



Rizzi Stigliano
Oceanic Global

Indonesia’s G20 HWG Meeting Series Urges World Leaders to Be Prepared for Future Pandemics

LOMBOK, Indonesia, June 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The second Health Working Group (HWG) meeting brought global leaders to initiate a new global emergency fund for future pandemics and focused on facilitating greater sharing of genomic sequencing data, as well as how the Financing Intermediary Fund (FIF) functions under the World bank in preparing for future pandemics.

Ministry of Health Republic of Indonesia discussed the Global Health System Resilience in the second Health Working Group (2nd HWG)

The Indonesian Health Minister, Budi Gunadi Sadikin, encouraged the G20 member states not let pandemic stride without learning valuable lessons.

“Only through great earthquakes, lofty mountains rise. I believe this is true, not only for volcanoes, but also for our humanity. During every crisis, lie great opportunities,” said in Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia.

The main issues addressed in the 6 to 8 June 2022 meeting were mobilization of financial resources for future pandemic responses.

G20 member states discussed lessons learned from the successes of medical countermeasures initiatives, such as COVAX and the ACT-accelerators that worked efficiently during the pandemic in ushering vaccines, therapeutics, and diagnostics.

G20 and its partners, such as GISAID, now is looking at the optimization of genomic surveillance and trusted data sharing mechanisms, allowing the world to quickly identify novel pathogens that may pose new threats to global health security.

“We need a more permanent coordinating platform that can address five cores such as access to countermeasures, emergency coordination, collaborative intelligence, community protection; and clinical care to patients in need,” said the Minister of Health.

Indonesia has committed to donate USD50 million to the FIF. As part of the G20 presidency mandate, Indonesia will also lobby organizations and donors to ensure that the fund benefit the right target countries to prevent conflicting interests from donors and organizations.

Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO’s General Secretary, was commended Indonesia’s presidency to prioritize the establishment of global health system architecture and putting it in the G20 agenda.

“We must learn from the lessons this pandemic has taught us because this will not be the last one,” said Dr. Tedros.

To access the Health Working Group plenary opening ceremony and press conference, visit

Photo –


The United Nations Secretary-General, the President of the United Nations General Assembly, sustainability advocate Amber Valletta, oceanographer Sylvia Earle, economist Ralph Chami, World Champion sailor Lisa Blair, and others will speak at the event produced with the contribution of Oceanic Global and made possible by La Mer

New York, New York, June 08, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — On Wednesday 8 June, the United Nations will host its annual World Oceans Day celebration with the 2022 theme Revitalization: Collective Action for the Ocean. Produced by the Division for Ocean Affairs and the Law of the Sea of the Office of Legal Affairs with the contribution of non-profit organization Oceanic Global, and made possible by La Mer, United Nations World Oceans Day 2022 (UNWOD) will feature keynote speeches, panels, presentations, and performances kicked off by the Secretary-General and the President of the General Assembly. The day’s programming will also include leading voices such as sustainability advocate Amber Valletta, International Monetary Fund economist Ralph Chami, World Champion sailor Lisa Blair, deep sea explorer Sheena Talma, and Michelin-star chef Shinobu Namae to name a few. While United Nations World Oceans Day has been fully virtual since 2020, this year’s celebration will once again bring together UN delegates and thought leaders from around the world for an in-person gathering at UN Headquarters in New York. The event will also be open to the public by live stream from 10am -13:30pm (EDT) on the United Nations World Oceans Day website ( with the content reshared on the social channels @unworldoceansday.

The ocean connects, sustains, and supports all life on earth, but its health is at a tipping point. And, as the past few years of the pandemic have shown us, we need to work together when addressing issues that impact us all. The UNWOD 2022 theme of “Revitalization: Collective Action for the Ocean” encourages collaboration towards a new balance with the ocean that no longer depletes its bounty, but instead restores its vibrancy and brings it new life. The day’s programming will call attention to the communities, ideas, and solutions that are working to revitalize the ocean and our blue planet as a whole. It will convene thought-leaders, celebrities, institutional partners, community voices, entrepreneurs, and cross-industry experts to shine a new and hopeful light on humanity’s relationship to the ocean, bring fresh energy and ideas to how we’re addressing key issues, and inspire as well as ignite collective action towards positive change.

UNWOD 2022 will open with remarks by the United Nations Secretary-General, followed by messages from the President of the General Assembly. Keynote remarks will be provided by sustainability advocate Amber Valletta, President and Co-Chair of Mission Blue, Sylvia Earle, Portuguese Minister of Foreign Affairs, H.E. Mr. João Gomes Cravinho, the International Monetary Fund’s Ralph Chami and Senior Vice President of La Mer, Lesley Crowther. Additional sessions throughout the day include a series of  “Spotlight Solutions” featuring Relais & Châteaux Chef Shinobu Namae, leading landscape architect Kate Orff, and World Champion sailor Lisa Blair, a panel on the “Revitalized Ocean Economy” featuring the Economist’s Martin Koehring and Director of Ocean Sustainability at Salesforce, Whitney Johnston, video messages from actress Nathalie Kelley, aquanot Fabien Cousteau, and a performance by youth environmental action organizer and poet Jade Lozada. The day’s programming will be closed with a musical performance by singer-songwriter Margaret Glaspy and guitarist Julian Lage. The winners of the Ninth Annual United Nations World Oceans Day Photo Competition will also be announced by its 2022 Curator, Ellen Cuylaerts.

The annual United Nations World Oceans Day event marks the kick-off “World Ocean Week” during which subsequent events hosted by members of the Friends of UN World Oceans Day platform and other ocean enthusiasts from around the world will continue the conversation surrounding the official theme of UN World Oceans Day 2022 – Revitalization: Collective Action for the Ocean.



Rizzi Stigliano
Oceanic Global

Emerging technology gives first ever global view of hidden vessels

Satellite radar and machine learning publicly reveal previously unseen vessel activity around the world

Washington, D.C., June 08, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Global Fishing Watch has developed and publicly released the first ever global map of previously undetected dark fleets, or vessels that do not broadcast their location or appear in public monitoring systems.

Powered by satellite radar imagery and machine learning, the map layer is updated daily within the main Global Fishing Watch map application. The portal is available for free to anyone in the world with an internet connection, helping arm authorities, researchers and the public alike with the power to monitor vessel activity in all coastal waters, identify dark fleet patterns and build the necessary understanding to quantify threats to the ocean. The user-friendly new map layer helps create equitable access to marine-related data in time for World Ocean Day on June 8.

The lack of information pertaining to how and where vessels are fishing has clouded our understanding of the true global footprint of fishing activity. This makes meaningful change difficult. To see these impacts, satellite radar technology, known as synthetic aperture radar (SAR), functions day and night in all types of weather and can generate imagery despite cloud cover or storm systems, resulting in detection capabilities that are significantly advanced over other satellite-mounted sensors.

“It is surprising how little we have known to date about the true scale of human activity on the water,” said David Kroodsma, director of research and innovation at Global Fishing Watch. “If you combine vessels that intentionally shut off their signal with the significant number of boats that don’t make their whereabouts known in public systems at all, you end up with gaps in data, monitoring and accountability. We are using satellite radar imagery to reduce that information gap and put our findings at the fingertips of those who want to ensure our ocean is managed equitably and sustainably.”

The new global map layer draws from a massive data-processing pipeline and uses machine learning to crunch petabytes, or millions of gigabytes, of radar imagery taken by the European Space Agency’s Sentinel-1 satellites. By analyzing the entire archive of Sentinel-1 radar imagery, Global Fishing Watch has made 20 million detections of sea-going vessels greater than approximately 10 meters in length—and matched these detections to 100 billion GPS points from vessels broadcasting their position on the automatic identification system. This matching differentiates vessels that broadcast their position from those that remain dark in public monitoring systems, resulting in more comprehensive views of vessel movements across the global ocean. This information can help authorities pinpoint areas with suspicious activity and identify vessel patterns that may indicate illegal activity or previously unquantified fishing pressures.

Global Fishing Watch used satellite radar and optical imagery to reveal around 900 vessels of Chinese origin fishing illegally in North Korean waters in violation of United Nations sanctions—the largest known case of illegal fishing by an industrial fleet operating in another nation’s waters. Global Fishing Watch has since improved and expanded its use of satellite radar to study previously unseen fishing activity near marine protected areas in the Mediterranean Sea and hotspots of previously hidden activity in coastal waters around Africa. This emerging method of “seeing” vessels is revealing that the ocean is far busier than conventional monitoring systems show.

“While there are often legitimate reasons for not broadcasting a vessel’s location—not all governments require it—illegal operators will often turn off their signals to conceal their activity,” added Kroodsma. “The use of satellite radar to detect and map previously hidden and potentially illegal or harmful activity has opened a new realm of possibilities for remote sensing and big tech’s battle for the environment.”

Amplifying the potential of satellite radar technology, Global Fishing Watch partnered with the Defense Innovation Unit in July 2021 to host the xView3 competition. The challenge invited machine learning developers from all over the world to create and submit computer algorithms to help detect dark vessels, drawing 1,900 registrants from 67 countries. Global Fishing Watch is using the winning entries announced earlier this year to refine and advance dark vessel detection methods at global scale, and expects to be able to shed light on many human activities on the ocean in the near future.

“By seeing and characterizing the activity of these expansive dark fleets, we can begin to better understand and quantify not just illegal fishing but a great deal of human activity that is impacting our marine environment,” said Paul Woods, chief innovation officer at Global Fishing Watch. “These are exciting times when it comes to open, accessible data that anyone can use for free to understand and advocate for the fragile marine areas they care about most.”

About satellite radar imagery: Satellite radar is able to overcome limitations of other satellite-based monitoring systems with its ability to see through rain, darkness and cloud cover. Radar can detect at-sea vessels and structures in any weather conditions and its imaging capabilities make it one of the most powerful tools of remote sensing. Satellite radar is an active sensor that shoots microwaves to the earth surface and measures the amplitude and phase of the signals that are reflected back from objects on the ground and water, known as backscatter. The images formed from this backscatter contain rich information about size, orientation, composition, condition and texture of the features on the water. These imaging systems hold an advantage over passive satellite sensors, such as electro-optical imagery, which is similar to taking a picture with a camera and relies on sunlight and/or the infrared radiation emitted by objects on the ground. This latter method can be confounded by cloud cover, haze, weather events, and seasonal darkness at high latitudes. Satellite radar by comparison has proven to be the most consistent option for detecting vessels at sea.

Global Fishing Watch is an international nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing ocean governance through increased transparency of human activity at sea. By creating and publicly sharing map visualizations, data and analysis tools, we aim to enable scientific research and transform the way our ocean is managed. We believe human activity at sea should be public knowledge in order to safeguard the global ocean for the common good of all.


Bret Yager
Global Fishing Watch

Nobel Prize-winner confirms among largest learning gains ever measured in international education in NewGlobe-supported schools

NewGlobe-supported school

Students and teacher at a NewGlobe-supported school in Kenya

NAIROBI, Kenya, June 08, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — A Nobel Prize-winning economist has confirmed ‘learning gains among the largest ever measured’ in schools by any major study in emerging markets.

The study, led by Professor Michael Kremer, 2019 Nobel Prize winner, finds children living in underserved communities receive over 53% more learning in NewGlobe supported schools throughout their early childhood and primary education compared to students in other schools.

The findings were announced by Professor Kremer at the Education World Forum and suggest a potential solution to learning poverty.

Replicated across public education systems, the gains would put African children from underserved communities on track to outperform or match peers in countries with incomes four times higher.

The groundbreaking study finds children taught using New Globe’s methods are three times more likely to be able to read at age seven. The World Bank estimates 90% of 10 year olds in Africa can’t read.

Professor Michael Kremer

Study lead author and Nobel Prize-winner Professor Michael Kremer

The most disadvantaged students gain the most. Girls make the same learning leap as boys.

NewGlobe delivers a standard deviation increase of 1.35 in pre-primary learning and 0.81 in primary learning, easily in the top 1% of learning gains ever rigorously studied at scale in emerging markets.

The results are an affirmation of NewGlobe’s integrated learning system – used by governments across Africa and South Asia to support a million students today and growing year-on-year.

Learning gains comparison

Learning gains in NewGlobe-supported schools compared with others studied

The two-year study is based on a large-scale randomized control trial of more than 10,000 students from low socioeconomic backgrounds in Kenya.

  • After two years, primary students taught using NewGlobe’s methods are nearly a whole additional year of learning ahead of students in other schools.
  • For pre-primary students, two years’ teaching using NewGlobe’s methods puts them a year-and-a-half of additional learning ahead of other students.
  • 82% of Grade 1 students – six/seven-years-old – in NewGlobe-supported schools can read a sentence, compared with 27% in other schools.
  • Students starting from lowest learning levels gain the most. NewGlobe-supported students outperform their peers across all test scores, but with differences greatest for students with the lowest prior learning.

Professor Kremer said:

“The effects in this study are among the largest in the international education literature, particularly for a program that was already operating at scale… attending schools delivering highly standardized education has the potential to produce dramatic learning gains at scale, suggesting that policymakers may wish to explore incorporation of standardization, including standardized lesson plans and teacher feedback and monitoring, in their own systems.”

Additional years of learning gained

Additional years of learning: NewGlobe-supported schools – traditional schools

Full details here

Contact: Marek Pruszewicz, Director, Communications
Company: NewGlobe
Email: Marek.Pruszewicz@NewGlobe.Education

Photos accompanying this announcement are available at

TrueCommerce nomme Randy Curran au poste de PDG pour diriger la société au cours de la prochaine phase de croissance

Le leader technologique chevronné poursuivra l’alignement de la société afin de générer une valeur accrue pour les clients mondiaux

FLORHAM PARK, New Jersey, 07 juin 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — TrueCommerce, fournisseur mondial de solutions de connectivité, d’intégration et de commerce unifié pour les partenaires commerciaux, a annoncé aujourd’hui la nomination de Randy Curran au poste de président-directeur général et membre du conseil d’administration, à compter du 1er juin 2022.

« Nous sommes extrêmement fiers de la croissance que TrueCommerce a enregistrée », a déclaré Ryan Harper, associé général de Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe (WCAS) et membre du conseil d’administration de TrueCommerce. « Nous sommes convaincus que TrueCommerce accélèrera cette trajectoire ascendante sous la direction de Randy. C’est un leader éprouvé, doté d’une vaste expérience des entreprises de premier plan dans leurs prochaines étapes de croissance et d’excellence opérationnelle. »

La croissance de TrueCommerce est attribuée à plusieurs facteurs. Avec son acquisition de DiCentral, la société a doublé ses effectifs, augmenté sa clientèle de 40 % et étendu sa présence dans les Amériques, en Europe et en Asie-Pacifique. Elle a également investi dans sa plateforme mondiale et dans le développement de ses produits, enregistrant une hausse de 24 % des connexions totales à son réseau mondial en glissement annuel et une augmentation de 25 % du volume global de données sur le réseau commercial TrueCommerce par rapport à 2020.

M. Curran est un leader technologique de longue date qui, depuis des décennies, transforme et propulse des entreprises internationales à forte croissance vers le succès. Il était auparavant partenaire d’exploitation de WCAS, une société de capital-investissement américaine de premier plan, et partie prenante majoritaire de TrueCommerce. Avant de rejoindre Welsh Carson, M. Curran était PDG d’OHL, Inc. (acheté par la suite par GEODIS), le quatrième plus grand entrepôt logistique tiers (3PL) des États-Unis. Il y a créé un alignement au sein de l’équipe de direction et dirigé l’amélioration des systèmes d’information servant les clients et les employés. M. Curran a également occupé des postes de PDG chez ITC^Deltacom, Inc. (aujourd’hui Deltacom), ICG Communications et Thermadyne Holdings, Inc. Il est titulaire d’une licence en économie de l’université DePauw et d’un MBA de l’université de Loyola.

« TrueCommerce est à l’avant-garde du marché des technologies de la chaîne d’approvisionnement et, dans une économie mondiale qui a besoin de solutions de chaîne d’approvisionnement fiables et fluides, les opportunités de croissance pour l’entreprise sont énormes », a déclaré M. Curran. « Je suis honoré de rejoindre cette équipe talentueuse pour favoriser l’alignement de la réussite des clients, de la mise en œuvre et du soutien et faire de TrueCommerce un employeur de choix. »

À propos de Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe
WCAS est une société de capital-investissement américaine de premier plan axée sur deux secteurs cibles : la santé et les technologies. Depuis sa création en 1979, la stratégie de la société a consisté à s’associer à des équipes de direction exceptionnelles et à créer de la valeur pour ses investisseurs grâce à une combinaison d’améliorations opérationnelles, d’initiatives de croissance et d’acquisitions stratégiques. La société a levé et géré des fonds totalisant plus de 27 milliards de dollars de capitaux engagés. Pour plus d’informations, rendez-vous sur notre site

À propos de TrueCommerce
TrueCommerce est le moyen le plus complet de connecter votre entreprise à la chaîne d’approvisionnement, en intégrant tout, de l’EDI à la gestion des stocks, en passant par le traitement des commandes, les vitrines et les marchés numériques. Nous avons révolutionné la visibilité et la collaboration de la chaîne logistique en aidant les entreprises à tirer le meilleur parti de leurs initiatives omni-canales grâce à la connectivité P2P professionnelle, à la gestion des commandes, au réapprovisionnement collaboratif, au traitement intelligent, aux analyses inter-fonctionnelles et à la gestion des informations produit.

Le réseau commercial mondial TrueCommerce peut connecter les entreprises à plus de 160 000 détaillants, distributeurs et fournisseurs de services logistiques. Véritable fournisseur de services gérés, TrueCommerce gère également le processus d’intégration des nouveaux partenaires commerciaux, et assure la gestion courante des modifications de mappage et d’étiquetage spécifiques à chaque partenaire ainsi que le suivi de la communication. C’est pourquoi des milliers d’entreprises, des startups aux sociétés du classement Fortune 100, dans différents secteurs, nous font confiance.

TrueCommerce : faites des affaires avec des moyens illimités !
Pour tout complément d’information, veuillez consulter le site

Contact auprès des médias
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Directeur des communications marketing

TrueCommerce nomeia Randy Curran como CEO para liderar a empresa na próxima fase de crescimento

Líder veterano em tecnologia irá alinhar ainda mais a empresa para gerar maior valor para clientes em todo o mundo

FLORHAM PARK, N.J., June 07, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —  A TrueCommerce, fornecedora global de soluções de conectividade, integração e comércio unificado de parceiros comerciais, anunciou hoje que Randy Curran foi nomeado Diretor-Presidente e membro do Conselho de Administração, a vigorar a partir de 1º de junho de 2022.

“Estamos incrivelmente orgulhosos do crescimento da TrueCommerce”, disse Ryan Harper, Sócio Geral da Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe (WCAS) e membro do Conselho de Administração da TrueCommerce. “Estamos confiantes de que a TrueCommerce irá acelerar essa trajetória ascendente sob a orientação de Randy. Ele é líder comprovado, com vasta experiência com a liderança de empresas nos próximos estágios de crescimento e excelência operacional.”

O crescimento da TrueCommerce é atribuído a vários fatores. Com a aquisição da DiCentral, a empresa dobrou o número dos seus funcionários, aumentou sua base de clientes em 40% e expandiu sua presença nas Américas, Europa e Ásia-Pacífico. A empresa também investiu na sua plataforma global e no desenvolvimento de produtos, tendo um aumento de 24% nas conexões totais com sua rede global ano após ano e um aumento de 25% no TrueCommerce Commerce Network em comparação com 2020.

O Sr. Curran é líder de longa data de tecnologia com décadas de experiência transformando e incentivando para o sucesso empresas internacionais de alto crescimento. Recentemente, ele foi Sócio Operacional da WCAS, uma empresa líder em private equity dos EUA e acionista majoritária da TrueCommerce. Antes da Welsh Carson, o Sr. Curran atuou como CEO da OHL, Inc. (posteriormente comprada pela GEODIS), o quarto maior armazém de logística de terceiros (3PL) dos EUA, onde estabeleceu o alinhamento da equipe de gerenciamento e liderou o aprimoramento dos sistemas de informação que atendiam clientes e funcionários. O Sr. Curran também ocupou cargos de CEO na ITC^ Deltacom, Inc. (agora Deltacom), ICG Communications e Thermadyne Holdings, Inc. Ele se formou na DePauw University com um B.A. em Economia e tem um MBA da Loyola University.

“A TrueCommerce está na vanguarda do mercado de tecnologia da cadeia de suprimentos e, em uma economia global que requer soluções confiáveis e contínuas para a cadeia de suprimentos, as oportunidades de crescimento para a empresa são enormes”, disse Curran. “Estou honrado em entrar para essa equipe talentosa com o objetivo de executar o alinhamento do sucesso, implementação e suporte do cliente, e de tornar a TrueCommerce o foco do empregador.”

Sobre a Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe
A WCAS é uma empresa líder de ativos privados dos EUA, focada em dois setores-alvo: saúde e saúde. Desde a sua fundação em 1979, a estratégia da empresa tem sido fazer parceria com excelentes equipes de gestão e criar valor para seus investidores por meio de melhorias operacionais, iniciativas de crescimento e aquisições estratégicas. A empresa levantou e gerenciou fundos que totalizam mais de US$27 bilhões de capital reservado. Para mais informação, visite

Sobre a TrueCommerce
A TrueCommerce é a maneira mais completa de conectar sua empresa com toda a cadeia de suprimentos, com total integração, desde EDI, gerenciamento de estoque, até atendimento, fachadas digitais e mercados. Revolucionamos a visibilidade e a colaboração da cadeia de suprimentos, ajudando as organizações a aproveitar ao máximo suas iniciativas omnicanal por meio da conectividade P2P de negócios, gerenciamento de pedidos, reabastecimento colaborativo, atendimento inteligente, análise multifuncional e gerenciamento de informações de produtos.

A TrueCommerce Global Commerce Network viabiliza a conexão das empresas com mais de 160.000 varejistas, distribuidores e provedores de serviços de logística. Como provedora de serviços totalmente gerenciado, também gerenciamos a integração de novos parceiros comerciais, bem como a gestão contínua de mapeamento específico de parceiros, alterações de rotulagem e monitoramento de comunicações. É por isso que milhares de empresas – desde as startups até as da Fortune 100 global de vários setores – dependem de nós.

TrueCommerce: Negócios em todas as direções
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Contato com a Mídia
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Diretor, Comunicações de Marketing

Monkeypox Outbreak Tops 1,000 Cases; WHO Warns of ‘Real’ Risk

The risk of monkeypox becoming established in nonendemic nations is real, the WHO warned Wednesday, with more than 1,000 cases confirmed in such countries.

World Health Organization chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said the U.N. health agency was not recommending mass vaccination against the virus and added that no deaths had been reported from the outbreaks.

“The risk of monkeypox becoming established in nonendemic countries is real,” Tedros told a press conference.

The zoonotic disease is endemic in humans in nine African countries, but outbreaks have been reported in the past month in several other states — mostly in Europe, and notably in Britain, Spain and Portugal.

“More than 1,000 confirmed cases of monkeypox have now been reported to WHO from 29 countries that are not endemic for the disease,” Tedros said.

“So far, no deaths have been reported in these countries. Cases have been reported mainly, but not only, among men who have sex with men.

“Some countries are now beginning to report cases of apparent community transmission, including some cases in women.”

Greece on Wednesday became the latest country to confirm its first case of the disease, with health authorities there saying it involved a man who had recently traveled to Portugal and who was hospitalized in stable condition.

The initial symptoms of monkeypox include a high fever, swollen lymph nodes and a blistery chickenpox-like rash.

Tedros said he was particularly concerned about the risk the virus poses to vulnerable groups, including pregnant women and children.

He said the sudden and unexpected appearance of monkeypox outside endemic countries suggested that there might have been undetected transmission for some time, but it was not known for how long.

One case of monkeypox in a nonendemic country is considered an outbreak.

Tedros said that while this was “clearly concerning,” the virus has been circulating and killing in Africa for decades, with more than 1,400 suspected cases and 66 deaths so far this year.

“The communities that live with the threat of this virus every day deserve the same concern, the same care and the same access to tools to protect themselves,” he said.


In the few places where vaccines are available, they are being used to protect those who may be exposed, such as health care workers.

Tedros said that post-exposure vaccination, ideally within four days, could be considered for higher-risk close contacts, such as sexual partners or household members.

He added that the WHO would issue guidance in the coming days on clinical care, infection prevention and control, vaccination and community protection.

He said people with symptoms should isolate at home and consult a health worker, while people in the same household should avoid close contact.

Few hospitalizations have been reported, apart from patients being isolated, the WHO said last weekend.

Sylvie Briand, the WHO’s epidemic and pandemic preparedness and prevention director, said the smallpox vaccine could be used against monkeypox, a fellow orthopoxvirus, with a high degree of efficacy.

The WHO is trying to determine how many doses are currently available and to find out from manufacturers what their production and distribution capacities are.

Source: Voice of America

UK Prosecutors Authorize Indecent Assault Charges Against Harvey Weinstein

British prosecutors said on Wednesday they had authorized charges to be brought against former Hollywood movie producer Harvey Weinstein on two counts of indecent assault against a woman 26 years ago.

“Charges have been authorized against Harvey Weinstein, 70, following a review of the evidence gathered by the Metropolitan Police in its investigation,” Rosemary Ainslie, head of the Crown Prosecution Service’s (CPS) Special Crime Division.

The CPS said the alleged assault took place in August 1996 in London. London’s Metropolitan Police said the accusation involved a woman, now aged in her 50s.

Weinstein is currently serving a 23-year prison sentence in the United States after being convicted in 2020 of assaulting former production assistant Mimi Haleyi and raping former aspiring actor Jessica Mann.

That conviction was upheld by a New York appeals court last week.

The verdict was considered a landmark in the #MeToo movement where women came forward to accuse dozens of powerful men of sexual misconduct. Many view the accusations against Weinstein, which surfaced in 2017, as the key spark for that movement.

“The Crown Prosecution Service reminds all concerned that criminal proceedings against the defendant are active and that he has the right to a fair trial,” Ainslie said.

Source: Voice of America

Spending on diesel to generate power reduces by Kz 87 billion

Luanda – Expenditure on diesel for power generation in Angola has fallen from 230 billion kwanzas in 2019 to 87 billion kwanzas in the last two years, with the results of structuring projects in the electricity sector.

Accounts compiled by ANGOP, based on figures presented Tuesday by the Secretary of State for Energy, António Belsa da Costa, show that the country has saved 143 billion kwanzas without buying metric tons of diesel for generator sets.

Currently, within the framework of investments made by the government, the country now has installed power production of around 5.9 megawatts, a capacity seen as “good” in relation to the country’s needs.

The current potential includes an additional 3,342 megawatts of hydroelectric, as well as thermal and hybrid energy production.

One of the biggest gains registered in this five-year period, according to the official, was the interconnection of the northern system with the centre of the country, which significantly reduced fuel consumption for electricity production across the country.

The interconnection was via the transmission line from the Cambambe hydroelectric dam (Kwanza Norte), Gabela (Kwanza Sul) to Quileva (Lobito), in Benguela province.

Speaking at the 6th edition of “CAFÉ CIPRA”, an initiative of the Press Centre of the Presidency of the Republic, António da Costa also highlighted the Cambambe hydroelectric dam projects, now with its first phase modernised, Laúca, one of the largest hydroelectric projects in the country, with a capacity of 2,072 megawatts, among other products.

Source: Angola Press News Agency