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39 Palestinians, including 29 wounded, evacuated from Gaza to Tunisia on military plane

39 Palestinians, including 29 wounded, were evacuated from the Gaza Strip to Tunisia aboard a military aircraft of the Tunisian Air Force, which landed at Tunis-Carthage (pilgrims) airport on Sunday evening from the Egyptian airport of El Arish.

Ambulances from the Ministry of Health, Civil Defence and Military Health were waiting to take the wounded Palestinians to Tunisian hospitals for treatment.

An official Tunisian delegation and another representing the Palestinian Embassy in Tunisia, led by Palestinian Ambassador Hael Al Fahoum and dozens of volunteers from the Tunisian Red Crescent, were present to receive the wounded and their companions with bouquets of flowers.

Mustapha Ferjani, advisor to President Kais Saied, told reporters that “the trip comes in implementation of the President’s instructions to receive the wounded Palestinians who are living through aggression and war by a brutal Zionist entity”.

“We are in solidarity with Palestine in word and deed,” he added.

Ferjani explained that the
wounded would be transferred to a number of public and private hospitals. He said that a committee has been formed to follow the progress of the cases of the wounded Palestinians and their treatment needs until they reach the stage of recovery.

He also said that coordination is continuing with the Egyptian authorities, the Tunisian Red Crescent and the Palestinian Red Crescent to receive a number of other wounded Palestinians in Tunisia by operating additional flights to evacuate them.

The head of the military centre for emergency medical aid, Brigadier General Mekki Ben Saleh, told reporters that “the C-130 military plane took off from Tunisia at dawn on Sunday with a civilian and military medical staff and a number of representatives of the Tunisian Red Crescent on a flight ordered by President Kay Saied to bring the wounded Palestinian victims of the war waged by the Zionist occupation army on Gaza.

He added that the plane was ready to transport 57 wounded Palestinians, but problems with permits prevent
ed this. He reported that none of the injured suffered any complications during the flight.

Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse