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ARP discusses bill on “Sidi El Kilani” hydrocarbon exploitation concession

A bill on a special concession agreement for the exploitation of hydrocarbons known as “Sidi El Kilani” and its annexes was discussed on Wednesday at a plenary session of the Assembly of People’s Representatives (ARP).

The draft law, which contains only one article, concerns the contract signed on February 6, 2023 between the Tunisian State and the Tunisian Petroleum Company (ETAP).

The Ministry of Industry, Mines and Energy decided to renew the concession with ETAP after its expiry on December 24, 2022 in view of its performance and in order to maintain and increase national production of hydrocarbons.

Studies have shown that the net profitability of this concession is estimated at US$ 26.4 million and the recoverable production at around 2.061 million barrels of oil.

Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse