County Launches Masingira Programme To Empower Youth

Migori County has launched a Masingira Youth Programme to empower them economically.

Speaking during the launch of the programme at the Migori Green Stadium, Migori Deputy Governor Joseph Mahiri said the Programme planned to support 400 youths across the County.

Some of the 400 Masingira Youth Programme recruits. The County Project aims to empower youth through developmental programmes, fostering social and economic empowerment. Photo by Geoffrey Makokha.

He said the programme aimed at engaging the youth in town cleaning, environmental conservation, and climate change.

Mahiri said that the initiative would be an annual programme with a long-term goal of recruiting 1.2 million youths by the end of 2027.

He disclosed that the County would soon launch other programmes in the agricultural and education sectors to empower youth economically and steer the workforce of the county.

‘We will soon launch the youth agricultural extension service officers that will help our farmers in the agricultural, livestock, a
nd blue economic spaces to make our county food secure,’ noted Mahiri.

Osewe Collins, a Member of the County Assembly for North Kamagambo and Committee Member for the Environment, said that the County Assembly had passed the Youth Policy to empower the county youths, with the Masingira Youth Programme being one of such initiatives.

Osewe disclosed that Youth Policy would engage youths in entrepreneurship and governance-related projects to shape the talents and skills that youth possess.

The County Legislator also added that other passed policies, like Climate Change, have placed the youth at the centre of environmental conservation mechanisms.

Osewe explained that the Masingira Youth Programme will act as a catalyst in propelling future county programmes to ensure that the County youths benefit from their economic development to empower the growth of the county.

Source: Kenya News Agency