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El Amal Wa Enjaz party to hold first congress on February 24-25

El Amal Wa Enjaz (work and achievement) party will hold its first congress on February 24-25. The secretary-general will be elected along with the national council and a part of the political bureau.

The party conference will be held under the slogan “Persistence and Building,” in the presence of representatives of grassroots and members.

Presidents and secretaries general of political parties and national organisations, civil society activists and national figures will also attend the opening meeting.

Five motions will be brought to the floor, namely the political motion, the economic and social motion, the cultural motion, educational and youth motion and the internal motion.

The creation of the party was announced on June 28, 2022. El Amal Wa Enjaz party seeks to be a nationalist, conservative and socio-democratic party; its SG is former Ennahdha leader Abdellatif Mekki.

Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse