Lenku Unveils Level-4 Hospital, Morgue Building

Kajiado Governor Joseph Ole Lenko, together with Kajiado North Member of Parliament and Kajiado MCAs, officially launched the Ngong Level 4 Hospital Maternity and Morgue Buildings in Ngong Town. Ngong Sub-County Hospital is a Level 4 primary care hospital based in Ngong, Kajiado North, with Governor Ole Lenku enhancing its status since he was elected last year for the second time. Governor Ole Lenku, while launching the buildings yesterday, congratulated the hospital board members, community health promoters, and everyone else for making the effort to ensure the hospital’s work. He then said that since he found Ngong Hospital still in level 2, when he stepped into his seat, he will make sure he leaves it at level 5. Governor Ole Lenku said, together with the President, William Ruto, he will look into the Universal Health Coverage that was brought by Professor Anyang’ Nyong’o to make it work, asking the Community Health Promoters to support Kajiado residents in reaching out to the dream of universal health coverage. ‘As the Governor, I will make sure that health in Kajiado County is my first priority and ensure that all the sub-counties in Kajiado will have two level 4 hospitals each. I urge all MPs to come together and work together as one people to ensure the development of Kajiado,’ Lenku said. He stated that employment will be there as time goes by when he brings enough facilities. He asked the hospital board to work on the priorities so that they could put them on the budget to enhance the growth of the hospital. He acknowledged everyone, including the government security team and the health department, asking them to continue providing their service to the community. ‘A healthy Nation is a Wealthy Nation’ he concluded. MCA Olooua Ward Eli Gor, while speaking to the Governor, asked him to enhance and enlarge Oloolua Hospital as well, like he has done in Ngong, reminding him to increase the number of nurses in the hospital as he had requested earlier so as to make it operate 24/7 just like the Ngong Hospital. MCA Olkeri Ward Stephen Ngatho, on his part, thanked the governor for providing his ward’s hospital with facilities, drugs, and nurses that help in taking care of the people’s health.

Source: Kenya News Agency