Turkana Out To Boost Food Security

The Department of Agriculture in Turkana County has endeavoured to sensitise the County Assembly Committee on Agriculture on the new agri-preneur model and the Food Systems and Resilience Project (FSRP) in its mandate to make Turkana County sustainably food secure.

The model is an extension initiative designed by the national government to be implemented by the county government and supported by the FSRP.

The County Executive for Agriculture, Livestock Development, and Fisheries, Dr. Anthony Apalia, stated that the training aims to build the capacity of Members of the County Assembly (MCA) to aid in the implementation of the model and the FSR Project.

He noted that the agri-preneur model is a strategy to create employment opportunities for young people in agriculture through sustainable practices.

The coordinator for the new FSRP, Victor Lochee, observed that the model is a transformative approach where individuals, particularly youth, are trained and developed into agricultural entrepreneurs. He also pro
vided a brief on the FSR Project.

‘The agri-preneurs were competitively selected and will guide farmers on the best agricultural practices and irrigation techniques. They will also connect farmers with suppliers for quality input and link them to markets for fair prices,’ said Lochee.

The Chair of the Agriculture Committee, Etubon Samal, emphasised the importance of the Committee’s involvement, and praised the inclusivity of youth across all Wards. He also called for close collaboration with partners in all activities to boost food security.

‘The model will greatly enhance agriculture in the county. However, there is also a need to support farmers with certified seeds,’ he said.

In the first phase of its implementation, seven agri-preneurs from each Ward have been selected across the 18 in the county. The remaining 12 Wards will benefit from the second phase.

The presentation of the agri-preneur model underscored its critical role in enabling efficient investment in boosting food security, nutrition, and
livelihoods in the county.

Source: Kenya News Agency