Writer calls for implementation of National Reading Plan

Angola writer Jacques dos Santos on Saturday expressed concern about the delay in the implementation of the National Reading Plan in the country.

Speaking in an interview to ANGOP, the former MP spoke of the existing projects to help disseminate reading taste and of the lack of will to implement them.

“How long have we been hearing about the National Reading Plan? The projects exist, but they have been shelved for a long time,” Jacques dos Santos said.

He is of the view that if there was willingness, “the budgets allocated to education would be different, which could subsequently result in a switched posture of the Angolan Writers’ Association.

The National Reading Plan (PNL) is a strategy of the Angolan government to promote taste for reading and writing in children of pre-school and primary and secondary education.

The Ministry of Education intends, with this project, to meet the challenges of improving school performance in the fields of reading and writing.

The goal is also to facilitate access of school communities to cultural diversity and stimulate critical analysis through the involvement of the society and didactic material of varied authors and themes that children can read at school.

Source: Angola Press News Agency (APNA)