Banks disburse over AKZ 950 billion through Prodesi project

Luanda – At least 54 projects from the total of 329 credits approved count on an effective disbursement estimated at 950 billion kwanzas made available under the Programme for Production Support, Export Diversification and Import Substitution (PRODESI), the secretary of State for Economy, Dalva Ringote, said Tuesday.

According to the data disclosed by the state Secretary for Economy, at least 2.2 billion kwanzas were made available by the Development Bank of Angola (BDA), which implements the Credit Support Project (PAC).

Speaking at the usual briefing of the Ministry of Economy and Planning (MEP), the official said, since the implementation of the PAC financing instrument began at least 329 projects were approved in the past few weeks, representing 107 more in relation to those approved earlier.

The beneficiaries of the projects approved and financial disbursement were the provinces of Luanda (22), Bengo (5), Huíla (5), Huambo (3), Cunene (3), Uíge (2).

The provinces of Bié, Cunene, Namibe,Malanje, Kwanza Sul and Uige had three projects approved each, while Moxico, Kwanza Norte, Benguela and Cabinda had one each.

The funding was channelled to projects linked to the sectors of manufacturing (5), agriculture (26), fisheries (6), solid urban waste (5), livestock (2) and tourism (2), among others.

Overall, the financing instruments supporting PRODESI paid out a total of 1,397 projects.

The Production Support Programme, Export Diversification and Import Substitution – PRODESI is a government initiative aimed to accelerate national production and generate wealth.

First stage of PREI concluded

In relation to the Programme for the Reconversion of the Informal Economy (PREI), Dalva Ringote said the first cycle of registration and formalization of informal operators (among market vendors and liberal professionals) in the country has ended.

The first cycle of PREI covered municipalities of the country’s 18 provinces and allowed the global formalization of 205,000 entrepreneurs, mostly women (75%) between 15 and 45 years old.

Dalva Ringote did not disclose the data for the beginning of the second cycle, which may include other municipalities, in a total of 164 nationwide.

Source: Angola Press News Agency

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