Covid-19: Over 700.000 people vaccinated in Uíge

Uíge – At least 712,585 people were vaccinated against Covid-19, since April 2021, in the province of Uíge, corresponding to 65% of the expected total.

Of the total vaccinated, 385.406 took the second dose and 45.806 received a reinforcement dose.

During an ANGOP interview, this Friday, the head of the department of Public Health of Uíge, Lindeza Chaves, said that 1.188.669 doses of Astrazeneca, Phaizer, Johson and Johson, Shinopharm, Sputnik V, Moderna e Vero-Cerl.Johnson, Shinopharm, Sputnik V, Moderna and Vero-Cerl were managed.

She pointed out the municipalities of Uíge, Negage and Maquela do Zombo as the places with the highest number of vaccinated people.

Regarding the booster dose, Lindeza Chaves considered that there was poor adherence to vaccination posts, for that reason, she appealed to the population to adhere it.

To ensure the vaccination process, the province of Uíge has 290 teams spread across 16 municipalities and staffed by 2,320 technicians.

The province of Uíge, without cases of Covid-19 for a month, has recorded, since July 2020, 1,214 cases, 27 deaths and 1,187 recovered from the disease.

Source: Angola Press News Agency

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