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International Partners Boost Kenya’s Health Sector With Vital IT Equipment Donation

The European Union (EU), the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ), and the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) have handed over a substantial donation of IT equipment to Kenya’s Ministry of Health. The international partners made a generous donation of IT equipment that comprises seven laptops, 37 desktop computers, 37 Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPSs), 37 power extension cables, and four access points, all geared towards sustaining public health infrastructure. Speaking while receiving the donation at Afya House, Principal Secretary for Public Health and Professional Standards, Ms. Mary Muriuki expressed gratitude, emphasizing the unwavering dedication of the international allies to the cause of public health. The PS noted that Kenya’s healthcare sector has been diligently working towards transitioning from a curative approach to a preventive and promotive model through Universal Health Coverage (UHC). She highlighted that the transformation rests on four key pillars: Human Resource for Health (HRH), Health Care Financing, Commodity Security, and Digital Health, adding that the strategic distribution of the equipment will align with the UHC Digital Health pillar. According to the PS, the IT assets will be strategically placed not only within the Ministry of Health but also at critical border points such as Busia, Malaba, Mandera, and Moyale. Recognizing that diseases do not respect borders, Muriuki said the goal is to facilitate seamless communication and data sharing among the mentioned regions while the approach aims to enhance coordination and cohesion in responding to public health threats. Muriuki asserted that IT equipment’s real-time monitoring and data analysis capabilities will be instrumental in swiftly detecting and containing outbreaks, preventing them from crossing borders and endangering communities. She added that, by strengthening laboratory systems, these tools will empower scientists and healthcare professionals to conduct precise diagnostics and groundbreaking research. In a flashback amidst the ongoing challenges posed by diseases like COVID-19 and other potential future pandemics, the PS disclosed that the IT equipment stands as the cornerstone of prevention, preparedness, and response efforts. She said similarly, the devices will facilitate scenario modeling, response simulations, and the development of strategies to reduce the impact of future health crises and as a result, the proactive approach aims to build a healthcare system that is not only resilient but also well-prepared to face future challenges. “Furthermore, these assets will revolutionize our Health Management Information Systems, streamlining data collection, storage and analysis. The transformation will empower us to make informed decisions, efficient resource allocation and ultimately enhance healthcare planning,” Muriuki said Accepting the donations, Muriuki emphasized that the IT devices symbolized hope, progress, and the potential to save lives. She maintained that their significance goes beyond technology; they embody the commitment to foster cross-border collaboration and fortify responses to the myriad challenges facing public health. In addition, the PS said that the donation of IT equipment signifies a pivotal moment in Kenya’s collective efforts to strengthen public health systems and promote cross-border collaboration.

Source: Kenya News Agency