Leaders Advocating For Action On COP 28 Delibarations

Actors who spearhead climate change mitigation measures in the community have called on leaders to commit to more action after the Conference of Parties (COP 28).

Speaking during an Agricultural Field day at Mumias East, the Country Director of Ripple Effect, a non-governmental organisation, Titus Sagala, said that community members have already felt the effects of climate change and want action from leaders, not just mere talks.

He urged the leaders to fully implement all the recommendations that were made during the past Conference of Parties on climate mitigation.

Sagana noted that grassroots farmers are taking little steps to support efforts to mitigate climate change through the adoption of climate-smart technologies, planting trees, and other greening initiatives on their farms to help absorb carbon from the atmosphere.

He said the efforts will be replicated among other community members, where Ripple Effect is working with farmers to ensure that households are staying in safer environments while a
t the same time having enough food to sustain their families.

The director noted that Kenyans have witnessed floods, destructive insects like locusts, fall army worms, and droughts as a result of climate change, asking countries that emit excess carbon and harmful gases into the atmosphere to reduce emissions and provide funding to developing countries to go towards mitigation measures.

Sagana also disclosed that farmers at the grassroots have agreed to reduce their human activities that contribute to climate change, like the use of synthetic fertilisers, among other harmful practices, and adopt the use of organic manure on their farms.

In partnership with World Bicycle Relief, Sagana said Ripple Effect is advocating for a shift to the use of bicycles as a mode of transport to reduce emissions from motorcycles and cars which use fossil fuels.

Source: Kenya News Agency