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National Tax Council looks into 2024 draft finance law

The main measures contained in the 2024 draft finance law were outlined Tuesday as the National Tax Council met. These measures mainly include continuous support for businesses, a boost to investment, the green economy and sustainable development, fight against tax evasion and more guarantees for tax payers. Finance Minister Sihem Boughdiri Nemsia outlined the main national and international economic indicators. The State, she said, is relentlessly working to ensure financial balances and meet commitments as public finances are still under pressure driven by persistent crises across the world. Nemsia said the State is taking into consideration the fallouts from these crises on the national economy, citizens and enterprises and seeks to avoid the imposition of additional taxes. A better purchasing power is also sought. The State is endeavouring to encourage the creation of small and medium-sized enterprises and support priority sectors. The council members put forward a series of proposals to stimulate investment and support some economic sectors. The council membership was expanded in reponse to the request of national organisations and structures in a bid to strengthen its participatory dimension .

Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse