President calls for special focus on Armed Forces

Luanda – Angolan head of State João Lourenço Tuesday in Luanda said the country should permanently pay special attention to the Angolan Armed Forces (FAA) to ensure its defence and security.

João Lourenço, who was delivering his speech at the swearing in ceremony of the military leadership, said it is in the peacetime where the conditions are favorable for any State to prepare itself and take preventive measures.

“It is during the peacetime we should develop and strengthen our Armed Forces”, said the Commander-in-Chief of FAA, to whom the reshuffle within the military leadership and commands is crucial.

Meanwhile, the head of State added that the concern about the national security should not only be restricted to the time of war but also in times of peace.

“We fetch general officers with an enviable, well-known record of service, whom the homeland not only appreciates, but recognises,” he said, alluding to the newly sworn in officers.

The President Lourenço said that for the first time, the country’s governance tested the compliance with the law by rotating the FAA leadership.

“Until the present date, the FAA leadership had always restricted to an Army General”, said the President, recalling that the Armed Forces comprise the three military branches – Army, Air Force and Navy.

In his speech, João Lourenço pledged to carry on this rotation experience.

“The time will come in which the Armed Forces will be headed by a Navy Admiral, And in this way the justice will be done. Because it is not only the Army personnel that defend the country, but all of them, together, in a coordinated way, contribute to national security.

João Lourenço swore in the new Chief of Staff of the Angolan Armed Forces, Aviation General Altino Carlos José dos Santos, and the Deputy Chief of Staff for Operational Area and Development, Artur Santos Vinama.

Also sworn in were the commanders of the Army João Serafim Kiteculo, National Air Force Virgílio António da Cunha Pinto, the inspector-general of National Defence Gouveia João de Sá Miranda, and the deputy Chief of the Military Affairs Office to the President of the Republic Sequeira João Lourenço.

Source: Angola Press News Agency

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