Riadh Ben Abderrazak re-elected UET PresidentKenya Industrialisation Conference Kicks Off To Revitalise Manufacturing Sector

Publisher Riadh Ben Abderrazak has been re-elected President of the Tunisian Publishers’ Union (UET).

A new governing board made of 7 members was also elected following the UET’s General Assembly, held Saturday in Tunis.

Here follows the new board of directors:

President: Riadh Ben Abderrazak

Vice President: Mohamed Ali Shili

Secretary General: Amel Jegham

Deputy S-G: Hichem Soussi

Treasurer: Bayram Marzouk

Member in charge of public relations: Habib Argoubi

Member: Mohamed Salah Maalej.

Source: EN – Agence Tunis Afrique Presse

The country’s first-ever Industrialisation Conference commenced today at the University of Nairobi, coinciding with Africa Industrialisation Day as part of efforts to rejuvenate Kenya’s industrial landscape.

The three-day conference revolves around the theme, ‘Accelerating African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) Implementation through Value Chain Integration for Shared Prosperity’.

Investments, Trade, and Industry Cabinet Secretary Rebecca Miano stressed the importance of Kenya positioning itself as Africa’s manufacturing hub of choice amid the ongoing development of the African free trade agenda.

Miano highlighted the need for Kenya and Africa to cultivate a robust manufacturing culture supported by well-designed systems.

‘This would lead to enhanced industrial output, production diversity, and economic growth,’ she argued.

‘Strategic focus on value chains, would contribute to improved economic outcomes not only in Kenya but throughout the continent,’ she added.

The CS expressed optimism about th
e future of industrialization, citing the AU Conference of Ministers’ resolve in 2007, leading to the adoption of the Action Plan for the Accelerated Industrial Development of Africa.

She noted that the plan had recently been incorporated into the draft EAC Industrialization Policy and Strategy.

The Cabinet Secretary outlined four critical imperatives for Kenya’s industrialisation dream – quality and affordable energy, appropriate technologies, a skilled workforce, and finance for industrial development.

She pointed out that collaboration among multiple stakeholders, including both national and county governments, is crucial to achieving these goals.

Miano assured attendees that her Ministry would strive to improve the manufacturing environment in Kenya, fostering collaboration with the private sector and development partners.

She pledged deliberate strategies to attract domestic and foreign investments, ensuring that policies and frameworks align with the evolving needs of industrial transformation.

e CS called upon local manufacturers to adopt globally acclaimed sustainable industrial practices, starting with renewable energy.

She expressed hope that the conference would mark the beginning of a transformative industrial journey for Kenya, contributing to sustained economic prosperity in the future.

Juma Mukhwana, the Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Investments, Trade, and Industry, acknowledged the persistent challenges faced by African countries in achieving substantial manufactured value added to GDP.

Despite industrialization being a campaign promise across the continent, Mukhwana stressed the need for concerted efforts to overcome these hurdles.

Lynette Luvai, the Deputy Representative of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) to Kenya, highlighted the pivotal role of industrialisation in catalyzing economic growth, job creation, poverty reduction, and overall societal advancement.

Source: Kenya News Agency