Crusaders Hold Peace Talks In Masalani

Ijara Women for Peace coordinator Mrs. Kadija Ibrahim Goh has called for dialogue between community members and security agencies in an effort to promote information sharing and improved coordination between the community and the security apparatus operating in Ijara sub-county.

Goh, who was speaking on Sunday during a forum in Masalani town in partnership with the Search for Common Ground Kenya Kiunga Youth Bunge Initiative through the ‘KWA PAMOJA TUZUIE BALAA’-Project said the group aims to strengthen community-led, relevant support and response structures in at-risk communities in Masalani town.

The forum, which targeted both civilians, the County Government and the security sector, discussed several issues related to peacebuilding and reconciliation. Among the issues discussed were radicalization and violent extremism narratives, suspicious activities, barriers to reporting suspicious activities, information sharing, and strengthening trust and collaboration between the security organs and the communities in Ijara constituency.

The meeting was attended by representatives from the security apparatus in Ijara Sub County, non-governmental organisations, peace committees, court user’s committees, religious leaders, elders, women and youth representatives, and county government representatives.

Source: Kenya News Agency